Metalworking and machining services we offer

milling cnc machine at work. Metalworking multitool industry. Precision metal manufacturing. Shallow depth of view on shavings

CNC Milling

The milling services we offer are completed on modern CNC milling machines work in 3 axes and in 4 axes which allow us to make a technologically advanced parts for both small order as and serial orders.

CNC lathe processes metal part. Automated production.

CNC Turning

The turning services we offer are completed on modern CNC lathe machines working as classic CNC lathe in two axes and as lathe & milling machine. This allows us to turn and mill parts from one clamp and to make a higher quality parts and reduce production time.

welding tig mig


The welding services we offer using both technology TIG and MIG for customers who order milling or turning services.

Why Skamar?

Over 30 years of experience

50 production employees

Short time of order realization

Over 50 machines

10131 orders completed in 2019

Accuracy 0,01 mm

The highest level of quality

Materials only from trusted suppliers

Completed orders